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I had a hard time closing my garage door for several months. Apparently, I could not have it fixed right away because I am stuck with my work. As days and months passed by, the damages had become worse and worse, which made me decide to call for professional help. I came across this garage door repair company while I was just browsing on the internet. Nobody referred this to me, so I initially had doubts about getting their services. I called the office and I was surprised to get a free estimate over the phone. Without a doubt, I had asked them to come over the next day. And just after a few hours, my garage door is as good as new.

Thomas Cooper

Sometimes, services are only recognized after the job has been completed. But with this garage door repair company, I have to commend its 24/7 customer service for being so courteous, friendly, patient and welcoming when I called and inquired about the costs of their garage door repair and installation services. I had a wonderful time talking to them. I also like to compliment the staff for providing such accurate details about their services without making me confused. Besides the customer service, of course, I have definitely appreciated the repair and installation services of this company. Its technicians came to my home the next day and immediately started to do their job. For an affordable price, they were able to apply lubricants on the tracks, replace the door’s springs and adjust the garage door. If you are in need of a garage door repair company, then I definitely recommend this awesome firm.

Sandra Torres

I am so much impressed with this company’s garage door installation or replacement services. I mean it took a while for me to find this firm. Aside from the superb job the professional engineers did to my garage door, I applauded the company for providing estimates for free. At first, I had been calling a number of companies to get free estimates since I just wanted to know how much it would cost me to have the replacement. However, all of them had charged me for the cost estimation over the phone. But when I called this company, I was happy to hear that it did not charge me for the estimates. And since I was getting the installation service, the technicians came to my house the next day to check my garage door for free.

Jessica Hill

Before I got the services of this garage door repair company, I used to believe that I could fix my broken garage door easily and get away from spending a lot with the repair. However, things just got worse as damages got bigger. Everything was getting over my head already that I almost decided to leave it broken. Good thing one of my neighbors approached and told me to contact this company to get the repair services for my garage door. When I talked to the staff over the phone, I was given a free estimate. Hearing the affordable prices, I immediately asked them to come the following day. They arrived on time and repaired my garage door within three hours. In case when the door gets broken one more time, then I’m sure to call this company again.

Howard Magnus Nilson

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