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Commercial Garage Door Service By Centro Garage Door Repair In Missouri City TX

Why Commercial Garage Doors are Important

When you start a business, it helps to be optimistic, as this will help you keep your eyes on the prize. An optimistic business owner has a vision for the growth and profitability of their business. However, sometimes, a little pessimism can help, as it helps one to be equipped to handle unexpected problems, like the breaking down of a garage door, which could slow things down. Your commercial garage doors are essential to the operation of your business, as it gives you the capability to maximize your investments and bring money into your business. However, once your garage door does not function as intended, you have got yourself a problem. We at Garage Door Repair Missouri City TX understand what a garage door truly means to a business. We know its importance because it allows the business to run smoothly and prevent delays in deliveries or arrivals. It also provides security for the equipment stored inside, making it the first line of defense against vandalism or even corporate sabotage.

More than a Residential Garage Door

Everyone is probably familiar with garage doors. After all, most homes in America have a garage door, and most people have done some sort of task that has helped keep that garage door running. This can be anything from checking for a problem to actually replacing a part depending on how handy you are. However, commercial doors are different in that the burden they encounter on a daily basis is much heavier. A commercial door opens and closes far more often than a residential garage door typically does, meaning without proper maintenance, it can stop working quite fast. Commercial garage door sizes are also quite different, as they are typically larger, especially when trucks or vans are concerned. Working with these is a much greater risk compared with a residential garage door. Not to mention, since a commercial door is tied to the profitability of a business, when it breaks down, it needs to be fixed much quicker, as any lost time is practically burning money.

Different Kinds of Commercial Garage Doors

Similar to residential garage doors, there are three typical types of commercial doors. This includes the traditional, the segmented, and the roller. Because commercial garage door sizes are typically much bigger, you often see these common mechanisms that you normally see in a home in a much larger scale. There was a time that most businesses used traditional garage doors, as they have been around the longest. Traditional doors are made up of a single slab that lifts off the ground in a single piece when the door is opened, needing a little forward clearance. A segmented garage door works a lot like a traditional garage door, but it has divided the solid slab into panels, allowing the door to fold as it opens and closes. This eliminates the need for forward clearance. This has become a lot more common, especially among more modern businesses. Roller garage doors are much more common in businesses than they are in residences, as most homes consider them unsightly. It works by rolling what looks like a sheet of metal into a scroll when the door is opened, unrolling it when it closes. It is a cost efficient for most businesses, especially those with smaller vehicles.

Trusted Service

Whatever kind of garage door you choose, you should understand how important it is to properly install, maintain, and repair these machines. Commercial garage doors are responsible for the smooth operation of your business, so you should make sure that you invest in a company that will take care of them for you. We at Centro Garage Door Repair have been the trusted company in the Missouri City area for years, and we are proud of the legacy of customer satisfaction we have established. We offer comprehensive services including installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement. Our experts are the best in the industry, and they use only the best tools. Since we do understand that time is money, especially for a business, we make ourselves convenient for you, staying open 24/7 all year long, so you do not have to wait any longer than you have to in order to address a problem with your garage door.

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