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The Cliend Most Frequently asked questions

Is there a way that I could get discounted prices for the garage door repair services?

Our company provides garage door repair services with prices that are based on several costs needed to get the job done. Such necessities include the respective price for each raw material used, the labor cost for the installation or repair work, the fees for transportation and among others. Apparently, we do not get so much from our profit after we consider the costs of extra factors such as advertisement fees, employment costs, fuel charges and the use of a vehicle. In some cases, however, we provide discounted prices especially when our company receives bulk orders and purchases from major clients and manufacturers.

When is the most appropriate time to replace or install a new garage door?

The most appropriate time to replace or install a new garage door is when your old garage door no longer functions like how it should be or if it has completely stopped working. Furthermore, a garage door replacement is very much recommended when you plan to add more aesthetic values to your house so that you can resell it faster than expected. As a matter of fact, the value of your house will definitely go up when your potential buyers get attracted to a newly installed garage door. But to get the garage door installation or replacement carefully and precisely done, you should contact a professional repair company to complete the work without too many complications.

Do you provide free estimates or do they come with extra charges?

We provide cost estimates for free, but the method of giving you the estimation depends on what type garage door service you wish to have. If you only need a repair for your garage door, then we offer a free estimated repair cost over the phone. All you have to do is describe the damages and what area should be repaired, and then we will inform you about the rough estimation of the repair’s total cost. Meanwhile, if you do need an installation of a new garage door, then our professional staff will pay you a visit to see how much work should be done for the replacement and it is still for free.

The open and close functionality of my garage door remote do not seem to work correctly. What could be the cause of this problem?

If for instance, you use the remote to open the garage door but does not go down when you press close button, then there may be problems with the opener’s safety sensors. These sensors are usually found close to the floor and on the sides of your garage doorway. To help you close the garage door during this circumstance, you have the make sure that the safety sensors are free from obstructions and must be facing each other. But if you are not sure with what to do, then it is best to call a professional technician to get it working perfectly again. This is a technical concern that must not be handled carelessly. As much as possible, do not attempt to solve it yourself or manually close the garage door to avoid further damages.

What are other features of a high-quality garage door?

If you have plans of replacing your garage door with a new one, then it is helpful to know other features of a high-quality garage door, ensuring that you get back the worth of your money. To help you decide what kind of door you should have, here some features or factors that you may want to consider in choosing one:

– Try to check if the door has windows that can allow the daylight to pass through, providing light inside your garage.

– If you take aesthetic values seriously, then you could choose a garage door with decorative frames, which can be made of either steel or wood.

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